5 tips to choose the right medical insurance plan

24th May, 2021

Finding the right medical insurance plan can be a tedious process, as it requires a lot of careful research. When browsing, one must consider factors such as age, coverage, the network of the insurance, and costs. To help you, here are five ways that can help you choose the right medical insurance plan for senior citizens, your parents, or yourself.

1. Locate a reliable source of information
The first step is to figure out what kind of medical insurance plan you need, based on your requirements. This can be found through proper research on all available medical insurance plans in the market. You can take help from your friends or family, talk to an insurance agent, or approach a service provider directly. Detailed information about various plans and their benefits can be found online as well.

2. Calculate cost
Consider the overall cost of different medical insurance plans, including the premiums and the coverage provided. A premium is deducted for the duration of the insurance, even if you never use the insurance. Remember that the higher the coverage, the higher the premium. However, the cost can easily be mitigated, as you get exemptions under the medical insurance tax benefits category.

3. Finding the best-suited category
Insurance plans are categorized into Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Bronze packages. Even though the kind of coverage you receive does not vary in each category, they are categorized because of the percentage of cost-sharing between the user and the company. Naturally, Bronze category plans come with low monthly premiums and have lower coverage. On the other hand, platinum plans have high monthly premiums and provide higher coverage.

4. Network of services
While most medical insurance plans include services from major healthcare services and professionals, many plans offer a rather limited network. For example, in plans like that of PPO, the insured can avail services of not only healthcare organizations and professionals in the company’s network but also outside of it. They usually don’t require a reference and can opt for any healthcare professional of their preference. In EPO plans, one can only avail services from the company’s network unless it is an emergency.

5. Benefits of a medical insurance plan
To gain the most out of an insurance plan, estimate how many times you are likely to use medical services. This depends on your age, underlying disorders, or disease you’re getting currently under treatment for (or likely to seek treatment for), among others. Consider various factors, like if your current doctor is covered under the plan or will the insurance cover your medication. There are many suitable medical insurances for senior citizens who require special attention and care. If you’re looking for medical insurance for parents, then speak to your doctor, who may be able to guide you regarding their future medical needs.

Apart from these, you have to consider many other factors to determine the right medical insurance plan. As you gather more information, new questions will come up. It is best to speak to a professional for advice and recommendation.