3 best-selling finance books for young people

24th May, 2021

If you need any information about personal finance advice in the USA, the first place you will turn to is the Internet. If you wish to know which debt-repayment method is most effective, how an index fund works, or how to save money on pantry shopping, you can easily browse online and get tons of information. However, if you aspire to be more financially sound, there is nothing better than an insightful book. So, which are the best books for personal finance advice for young adults? Let us find out.

  1. Why Didn’t They Teach Me This in School? 99 Personal Money Management Principles to Live By
    When author Cary Siegel discovered that his kids were taught inadequately or there was barely any personal finance advice for young adults imparted in school, he decided to pen down his thoughts in a book, and that’s how we got Why Didn’t They Teach Me This in School? 99 Personal Money Management Principles to Live By. Though this book is meant for young people seeking personal finance advice, others will find it helpful too. In short, for anyone who’s been scouting through personal finance advice Reddit columns, this book can provide them with a more cumulative guide. Now, you may think that 99 seems like a lot, but when you read through the book, you can comprehend how beautifully Siegel has encapsulated these into eight comprehensive lessons. With less than 200 pages, this one is very easily digestible.
  2. The Wealthy Gardener
    John Soforic, a business owner, is the mind behind The Wealthy Gardener, released in 2018. John achieved financial freedom while he was only 50. So, he penned this book as a dedication to his college-going son to teach him what it means to be prosperous. Because of the intent of this author, the book is in a parable style. For someone who enjoys parable-style reading, this can be the perfect replacement for reading personal finance advice columns.
  3. The Total Money Makeover
    If you are tired of reading through the personal finance advice Reddit columns, this classic personal finance book can be a good pick. Authored by Dave Ramsey, it is a step-by-step guide for adults to get rid of their debt and start building wealth. In short, it is a must-read. A lot of you may be aware, but Dave has been a constant recipient of flak on the Internet when it comes to his thoughts on insurance and investing, or simply anything beyond tackling debt. However, there is nothing more insightful when it comes to getting rid of debt than his book, The Total Money Makeover. For someone who reads many personal finance advice columns, it is time to move on to something more comprehensive, and this book can be a good start.

So, these are the three best books that can help you learn about money management, debt management, and personal finance as a whole. Though there are no shortcuts to being rich, there is always a better way to achieve your financial goal, and these books can lead you through it.